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The Norwegian Seamen Choir was founded 19th November in 1959.

The choir members were important co-players during the annual Christmas evening program "Vi går ombord" with the popular anchor-man Erik Bye, broadcasted live on national radio and television for decades in a row.


Up to and including 1975, the choir also participated yearly in services on All Saints Eve, every second year on TV the other year on radio, in order to remember sailors who have lost their lives at sea. We still participate yearly in a service to remember sailors and others who have lost their lives at sea. These services are held on different places around Norway.

Some of the songs the choir sings have become hits in Norway and is used at many occasions. The choirs repertoire comprises Norwegian, English and other international songs and shanties. 

The Norwegian Seamen Choir has as its main goal to be a neutral representative for seamen and the sailors tradition, to bring pleasure and encouragement, to conserve and raise old traditional shanties and seamen songs to represent and elevate  seamen reputation.

The choir is an "institution" in Norway and often takes part in ceremonies related to seamen, ships, shipping organizations and to the sea.

Conductor: Jarle Flemvaag (Highly professional, talented and very ambisious)
Accordionist: Erik Bergene (Norwegian and Scandinavian champion)
Pianist: Arne Borg: (High class professional musician)

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